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Do I form a Local Company, Representative Office, or do I register a Foreign Company?

We will examine your business activities and advise you on where your company might have a taxable presence. We can provide you with a comparison of the tax implications of your operations using different forms of entity (subsidiary, representative office or foreign corporation) and advise you on the most tax-efficient way to structure your operations. We will consider the appropriateness of using offshore structures in the context of your business.

For further information on Hong Kong companies, download our guide to Hong Kong Companies.

How do I form the entity that I need?

We can assist you with the establishment of the Hong Kong company, representative office, the registration of an offshore company or the acquisition of a shelf company in Hong Kong or offshore. We can help you register with the Hong Kong Companies Registrar, Inland Revenue Department and other regulatory authorities.

We can help you apply for a Hong Kong business licence if required for your industry (eg financial services and telecommunications industries) and also register domain names in the region. You may also need a business address but have not found suitable premises, we can provide you with a business address.

To enquire about setting up a Hong Kong company and Hong Kong company formation download our questionnaire.

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How do I administer my Hong Kong Company?

OCRA Worldwide's core business is professional corporate administration. We have the capacity to deliver a turn-key back office function for an operation in Hong Kong or China. This service encompasses communication services, accounting and handling a broad range of commercial work including documentary credit services and managing an import or export operation.

We provide:

  • Company formation services.
  • Domiciliation.
  • Professional directors and nominee shareholders.
  • Company secretarial services.
  • Company administration services.
  • Assistance in the day to day management of the company.
  • A turnkey administrative service for client companies.
  • Assistance in opening and operation bank accounts.
  • Trading and letter of credit services.
  • Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation.
  • The preparation of management and statutory accounts.
  • Arranging audits.
  • Arranging for the provision of legal and taxation advice and opinions.
  • Intellectual property. Trademark, patent and royalty work.
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What are the Employer/Employee issues?

The employer needs to obtain visas for all expatriate employees unless they have right of abode in Hong Kong. This must be obtained before the employee comes to Hong Kong. The employer sponsor can apply for the employee's visa at the Chinese Visa Office in the place of residence of the employee or from the Hong Kong Immigration Department. We can help employers apply for visas.

We can also advise on other employment issues such as preparation of the employees' Hong Kong and overseas tax returns, preparation of the employer's tax return, drafting of employment contracts and other employment issues.

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