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Vietnam Business Services Overview

OCRA Worldwide offers cost-effective Vietnam Business Services and Vietnam market entry solutions and expertise to companies and entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the attractive quality-to-cost ratio of Vietnamese manufacturing operations or seeking to access Vietnam's growing market for imported goods and services.

The transformation of Vietnam's centrally planned economy into a market-oriented economy has created a business and market environment in Vietnam where business regulations are subject to change, business goal posts are constantly being moved and bureaucracy is overbearing. Thus, doing business in Vietnam and Vietnam market entry are often challenging experiences and coming to terms with Vietnamese legislation, regulation, taxation and, most importantly, the Vietnamese way of doing business can be both expensive and time-consuming.

OCRA Worldwide's strength lies in its understanding of and ability to deal with these Vietnam business and market entry challenges. Our knowledge of relationships in Vietnam ensures that our clients receive full support in their business activities, be they in corporate support or business development services.

Our international outlook makes us sensitive to cultural and business differences and enable us to bridge the cultural and business gaps that can so easily hinder business success in Vietnam and facilitate our ability to deliver both Vietnam business services and Vietnam market entry solutions.

Vietnam Business Services

We offer a portfolio of Vietnam business services and Vietnam market entry solutions covering every aspect of these processes. Our expertise encompasses a wide-portfolio of services and advice relating to Vietnam market entry, typically leading to the establishment of:

  • A Representative Office in Vietnam.
  • A Vietnamese investment company with total or part foreign ownership.
  • A Joint Venture in Vietnam.
  • A Special Purchase Vehicle using a Hong Kong or a low or zero tax company (“offshore”).

Additionally, OCRA Worldwide offers:

  • Bespoke Vietnam Business Services relating to the identification of suitable tax advisers, lawyers, local partners, premises, factories, management, staff and expatriate housing.
  • Professional corporate administration services. We have the capacity to deliver a turn-key back office function for an operation in Vietnam.
  • Whilst our Vietnam Business Services and Vietnam market entry solutions are broad, many of our clients utilise our services selectively, and this approach is welcomed.

Our clients are diverse. They include major US corporations, international companies and both owner managed business and entrepreneurs.

So, if you are an executive tasked with investigating your company's Vietnam market entry, follow the links below to proceed.

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