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OCRA Worldwide's experienced team of lawyers and accountants in Bulgaria provide a comprehensive range of customised services to include the formation of Bulgarian Corporate entities, advice relating to the structuring of foreign direct investment into Bulgarian and the Balkans region and specialist advice regarding Property transactions and ownership structures.

Despite a turbulent history, Bulgaria is the oldest surviving state in Europe to have kept its original name (since AD681) and most of the population is descendants of the Bulgar invasion of the south Danube around that time.

Part of the Ottoman Empire for around 500 years and a former satellite of the Soviet Union for nearly half a century, Bulgaria succeeded in integrating into western alliances when it became a NATO member in March 2004.

The 10 November 1989 marked the beginning of the democratic changes in Bulgaria. In 1990 Zhelyu Zhelev became the first democratically elected President of Bulgaria. A new constitution was adopted (1991), the political parties were restored, and privatization and restitution of the land started. After joining NATO, the key priority in Bulgaria's foreign policy is to join the European Union and as of 1 January 2007, Bulgaria became a Full Member.


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