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Once you have decided to set up an offshore Foundation, your first and most important decision is the choice of Foundation Council officers and you will want officers that will give you complete peace-of-mind.

The benefits of selecting OCRA Worldwide to provide Foundation Council Members:

Independence – OCRA Worldwide has no conflicts of interest. Our Officers always act in the best interests of the founders and the beneficiaries of the Foundation. We do not compromise that position. Thus, independence from investment, legal or accounting advisors is critical and should be an absolute requirement by persons seeking to establish a Foundation

Service – OCRA Worldwide looks to the long term, not the short term. OCRA Worldwide understands that its success is based on the maintenance of long-term personal relationships and trust

Expertise – The provision of offshore Foundation services is not a purely mechanical and administrative role. Judgement and expertise are required. Foundation law is a complex and demanding area of the law. OCRA Worldwide has the requisite legal and accounting infrastructure to maintain a high level of professional expertise.

Size and Substance – OCRA Worldwide has been providing fiduciary services for over three and a half decades years. We are a professionally managed company. Compliance, corporate governance and the pursuit of quality are fundamental to everything we do. Our approach to business and client matters is prudent.

Value - Many believe that the costs of establishing and administering an offshore foundation are prohibitive. It is true that many of the major banks and other financial institutions make sizeable charges for setting up an offshore Foundation and receive a percentage of the Foundation assets in annual administration fees. Our level of fees is generally much more reasonable and provides access to Foundation to those with relatively modest assets. As all cases are different, fees will be different, but they are probably a lot less than you thought.


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