OCRA Worldwide establishes and administers secure and efficient corporate and trust structures for expatriates, businesses, entrepreneurs, private individuals and families.

This means that we set up and manage offshore companies and offshore trusts and other types of international structures, to meet the specific personal or business objectives of our clients.

Broadly these objectives include wealth protection and tax reduction, international business and market entry, but there are many different reasons and benefits attached to utilising international corporate or fiduciary trust structures to arrange one's affairs advantageously. OCRA Worldwide's focus is to understand, assess, design and implement a solution that best fits our clients' specific needs and goals while maximising the available benefits.

Briefly, our global focus includes the areas of:

  • Offshore Company Formation in all Major Jurisdictions
  • Company Formation in all European Countries
  • Company Formation in all 50 States of the USA
  • Company Formation in Asia, Australia and New Zealand
  • Branch Registration of Foreign Corporations
  • Company Management and Administration
  • Establishments of Trusts and Foundations
  • Trusteeship and provision of Foundation Councils
  • Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Configuring Market Entry
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment
  • Accounting
  • Yacht Registration and Management
  • E-Commerce and E-Gambling

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A bespoke 'offshore' solution can be complex and requires careful planning and execution. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us directly, without obligation.

All of our consultants in our offices provide a Free Initial Consultation and will gladly assist with advice on how to approach your particular challenge.

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