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OCRA Aerospace is a global provider of aircraft ownership solutions specialising in aircraft registration, management & administration as well as structuring ownership to maximise operational efficiencies and mitigate tax. In addition to these services we can take care of every aspect of the aircraft's day-to-day and long term administration and operational issues - providing owners with a single and dedicated point of contact for the management of their crew and aircraft. Our specialist aircraft consultancy services are also available to provide professional advice and services ranging from aircraft appraisals right through to "end of life" salvage solutions.

OCRA Aerospace is well positioned to help aircraft and helicopter owners realise the tax and operational benefits of the Isle of Man’s sought-after M-Register. Ranking amongst the register's top benefits is its geographical convenience to Europe, the availability of cost-effective and professional services, the status and international acceptability of the jurisdiction and the ability to register a charge or mortgage on the island. The register is open to all non-commercial aircraft and offers aircraft owners an unsurpassed set of advantages.

Visit our Knowledge Base for detailed information on the Isle of Man "M-Register"


OCRA Aerospace, aims to help owners enjoy the full benefits afforded by this AAA-rated jurisdiction and alleviate the burden of responsibility that comes with ownership.

Our services include:

  • Liaising with the Isle of Man's registration authority
  • Securing and facilitating finance arrangements
  • Structuring a solution for asset protection
  • Providing advice on VAT and customs duties as well as the general tax ramifications of ownership
  • Finding and retaining experienced pilots and crew
  • Ensuring the craft is adequately insured
  • Administering the craft's legal, technical and operational requirements
  • Appraisals, acquisitions and sales
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