"We deliver cost effective and workable solutions"

When you choose OCRA Worldwide, you are tapping into a global network that has negotiated very favourable terms with its suppliers to provide economies of scale that are in turn passed onto our clients. We believe that our success is partly due to our ability to deliver cost effective solutions. As a result, the level of our fees, particularly in comparison with other leading names in the industry are very competitive.

OCRA Worldwide has a transparent fee policy. It has always been the Group’s commitment to agree fees with clients prior to the acceptance of any assignment and all fees are confirmed by way of Quotation or Contract.

To simplify matters OCRA Worldwide’s Fees are divided into four components:

Set up Fees
Fees for establishing companies and or trusts

Annual Fees
Provision of corporate statutory services, Professional Directors, Nominees, Trustees

Government Fees
Filing fees upon incorporation, annual taxes, etc

Management Fees
Fees agreed with you prior to undertaking any assignment. These fees can be based on time or at a fixed rate.

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