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The cost of incorporating and maintaining a company varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. As a guide, please find below indicative incorporation fees and management fees.

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Jurisdiction Type of Entity Govt. minimum licence fee/tax Govt. annual filing fee Basic establishment fee
Anguilla IBC $200 Nil Request a Quote
Bahamas IBC $350 Nil Request a Quote
Belize IBC $100 Nil Request a Quote
British Virgin Islands BC $350 Nil Request a Quote
Brunei IBC $440 Nil Request a Quote
Samoa OC $300 Nil Request a Quote
Seychelles IBC $100 Nil Request a Quote
Cayman Islands Exempt $854 $250 Request a Quote
Cyprus Private LTD 0%-10% $250 Request a Quote
Hong Kong Private LTD $295 $40 Request a Quote
Labuan OC Varies $880 Request a Quote
Luxembourg SOPARFI Varies Varies Request a Quote
Malta Limited Liability Company Varies $80 Request a Quote
Mauritius GBC I $1,750 $220 Request a Quote
Mauritius GBC II $235 $65 Request a Quote
Ras Al Khaimah IBC $600 Nil Request a Quote
Seychelles CSL $1,000 $200 Request a Quote
Singapore LTD Varies $25 Request a Quote
Singapore LLP Fiscally Transparent $25 Request a Quote
UK LLP Fiscally Transparent $60 Request a Quote
UK Private LTD 20%-23% $30 Request a Quote
UK PLC 20%-23% $60 Request a Quote
Arkansas LLC Fiscally Transparent $150 Request a Quote
Delaware LLC Fiscally Transparent $300 Request a Quote
Florida LLC Fiscally Transparent $140 Request a Quote
New Jersey LLC Fiscally Transparent $50 Request a Quote
New York LLC Fiscally Transparent Nil Request a Quote
Oregon LLC Fiscally Transparent $50 Request a Quote
Washington DC LLC Fiscally Transparent $165 Request a Quote
Wyoming LLC Fiscally Transparent $50 Request a Quote
Seychelles Trust $100 Nil Request a Quote


Annual Statutory Fees
The provision of a registered office facility, registered agents fees, local representatives, company secretary and statutory filings varies between jurisdiction and type of company and range from $500 to $2000. Varies
Optional Fees
MINIMUM ANNUAL RESPONSIBILITY FEE: When we are requested to provide professional directors, managers, officers, professional trustees, foundation officers or nominee shareholders an annual fee of between $1225 and $ 2200 is levied dependent upon the jurisdiction. Varies
BANK ACCOUNTS AND CORPORATE CREDIT CARDS: We are able to assist corporate clients establish bank accounts and obtain corporate credit cards from highly regarded banks in a wide variety of international banking centres. We also assist our clients establish personal accounts. $1225 and $3,600
Communication Services Fees
Provision of facsimile and mail forwarding services from our London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mauritius offices (exclusive of disbursements) per annum. US$1300
Provision of an exclusive DDI telephone line and personalised call forwarding service, per annum (exclusive of call forwarding charges): US$1300


Prior to acquiring services from OCRA Worldwide clients are requested to view our
Terms of Business and our Client Engagement Procedures.

Clients seeking OCRA to arrange for the provision of directors to their companies should note that any directors that OCRA may appoint will act responsibly and with due regard to their legal obligations.

These fees exclude any VAT or sales taxes that may be applicable. All fees are due on presentation of fee note; no refunds are given after purchase and OCRA Worldwide reserves the right to change fees without notice.

OCRA Worldwide charges for Disbursements and other recoverable expenses incurred on behalf of clients.

Clients who do not wish to maintain a company are required to give 90 days' notice prior to the anniversary of purchase. Failure to do so will result in the subsequent year's fee being due and payable upon presentation of pro forma invoice.

Clients are advised to take appropriate professional advice in their country of residence before establishing a company. Clients are required to provide evidence of their identity and residential address, accept our terms of business and confirm that they will not use our services for illegal purposes.

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